200+ Lord Shiva Names For Baby Boy & Baby Boy Names By Lord Shiva

200+ Lord Shiva Names For Baby boy & Baby Boy Names By Lord Shiva With Meanings

Are you looking for the names of lord shiva and Newborn Baby Boy Names By Lord Shiva.

So you are in right place here will share more than 200+ Names of lord shiva with their meanings.

List Of Lord Shiva Names For Baby With Meanings

Names Meanings
AashutoshSomeone who is constantly happy and content.
AbhigamyahEverything is easily attainable.
AbhiprayahThe one who faces those marching towards the infinite.
AbhiramahProuder of affection.
AbhivadyahSomeone who is revered and respected by everybody.
AchalopamahA person who is motionless and still; one with patience.
AchintyaBeyond comprehension.
AchintyahMeans ‘unthinkable’.
AdhoksajaThe creator.
AdikarahThe first creator.
AjaA unisex name that means someone who is unborn and eternal.
AkshayagunaOne with limitless attributes.
AlokahTranscending the worlds, vision, sight, appearance, glimmer, aspect.
AmaresahMeans ‘the lord of the gods’, name of indra.
AmrtyuOne who is unassailable; blessed with infinite life and immortality.
AnaghaSomeone who is sinless and with no fault in them.
AnanthadrishtiA person with the gift of the infinite vision of the future.
AniketLord of all, homeless, lord of the world.
AugadhSomeone who revels in life at all possible times.
AvyagrahA person with singular vision and not distracted by the materialistic world.
AyudhiThe Lord who wields the trident as his main weapon.
BalavanSomeone who is strong.
BhairavOne who can vanquish fear and is formidable in nature.
BhalanetraThe person who has the all-seeing eye on his forehead.
BhaveshMeans the ‘lord of the world’, lord ruler.
BholenathThe Lord who is kind-hearted and benevolent toward everyone.
BhudevaThe Lord of the Earth and all its present natural beings.
BijadhyakshThe person who is responsible for controlling both virtues and vice.
BrahmakritSomeone who has authored the Vedas.
BrahmanAn individual who is not limited by time and space; unreal from the Sruti.
ChandrapalThe one who controls the moon and is her master.
ChiranjeeviLong-lived, immortal
ChandraprakashThe light emitted by the moon.
DayaluA name that depicts kindness and overall compassion.
DevadevaOne who is the Lord of all Lords and ruler of all beings on the Earth.
DevarshihMeans ‘divine sage’.
DeveshMeans ‘god of the divines, praised by deities or king of God.
DhanadeepaMeaning ‘lord of wealth’.
DhruvahMeans ‘one who is immovable’.
DhyanadeepA central icon of concentration along with meditation.
DigambaraThe one who wears the skies as his clothes.
DuradharsaSomeone who is impenetrable and incapable of being attacked.
DurjayaAn individual who is difficult to conquer or is unvanquished.
DurvasahA person who resides in places that are difficult like Lord Shiva.
GajahaThe Lord who was responsible in slaying the elephants.
GajendraThe one who removed the dangers posed by the Lord of elephants.
GanakartaMeans ‘creator of the tattvas’.
GandalihThe Lord who resides in the mighty hills of the Himalayas.
GangadharaLord of the mighty and legendary river Ganga that flows from the Himalayas.
GirijapathiLord Shiva himself or someone who is a consort of the Lord.
GirishGod of mountain, selfish and kind, lord of speech.
GopalihMeans the ‘protector of senses’.
GurudevThe one who is a master of all beings.
HaraA person who will remove sins from the planet Earth.
HutahThe person who is pleased with the offerings given to him.
JagadadhijaThe one who originated at the beginning of the universe.
JagadishaMeans ‘master of the universe’.
JatinThe one who has matted hair and is disciplined.
KailasThe Lord who resides in the legendary mountain of Kailash.
KailashnathMeans ‘master of mount Kailash’.
KaladharayaHe who adorns the crescent moon on himself.
KamalakshanaThe Lord who is lotus-eyed and kind to all.
KanthaSomeone who is beautiful and radiant.
KhatvanginA person who wields the all-powerful Khatvangin missile.
LalathakshaThe one who has the all-seeing Eye on his forehead.
LingadhyakshaLord of all the lingas that are abiding on the planet.
LokankaraThe one who is responsible for the creation of three worlds.
LokapalSomeone who takes care of the world and its well-being.
MadanahThe one who is known as the God of love.
Madhukalochanah Red-eyed.
MahabuddhiAn individual who is extremely intelligent by nature.
MahadevaThe Lord who is over everybody else; the great divine.
MahakalaMeans ‘lord of all times’, most powerful god.
MahamrithunjayaThe one who has emerged victorious over death.
MahashakthimayaThe Lord who is blessed with abundant power and strength.
MaheshwarThe great God.
MrityuanjayaThe Lord who has been able to overcome and conquer death.
NagabhushanaSomeone who wears snakes as ornaments.
NatarajaAnother name for the Lord when he gets into a state of angry trance.
NilakanthThe most famous aspect of the Lord was his blue throat, and the name translates to the one with the blue throat.
NityasundaraOne who glows with beauty and radiance all around.
NiyamasrithahOne who seeks answers with the help of ordinances.
NyagrodhahThe spiritually-bound and ascetic Banyan tree.
NyamahOne who commands authority by issuing ordinances.
OmkarOm is the primal sound by which the earth was created.
It symbolizes expansion and unfolding.
PaashivimochakahA person who liberates someone from the different bonds that hold them.
PadahThe goal, the object that is supposed to be sought after and obtained.
PadmagarbhanOne with a ‘lotus womb’ shaped belly.
PadmanabhanThe person with a lotus navel.
PalanhaarThe one who protects everybody and oversees it all.
PanchavaktraThe five-faced man who sees, hears, feels and knows all.
PanditaA learned man who is acquainted with the knowledge of the world.
ParamOne who is a supreme being.
ParamathmaThe supreme soul that wanders the three worlds.
ParamathmaThe supreme soul that wanders the three worlds.
ParamesthinThe one who stays at the highest points or the points which are highly developed.
ParivrdhaThe chief of the village; the one who overlooks and protects all.
ParyahThe person who is praised by the liberated people.
PashupathiThe Lord who leads all living beings, including animals.
PashupatiPashupati means ‘lord of all living beings’, ‘lord of all animals’.
PatikhecherahThe one who rules all the chirping birds on the planet Earth.
PinakiThe one who has a bow in his hand; armed with the supreme bow.
PranavaThe one who originated and started the most sacred symbol of ‘Om’.
PriyabhakthaA person who is universally loved by all the devotees.
PushkaraA person who provides nourishment, like a lotus/ blue in colour.
RavilochanaMeans ‘having sun as the eye’.
RudraThe fearsome form of Lord Shiva, the name given to the God of Storms.
SadashivaMeaning ‘eternal God’, the one who is always happy, loving and auspicious.
SarvashivaEternally pure.
ShambhuMeans ‘source of happiness’, abode of joy; lord shiva; Sa + Amba – with Amba.
ShankaraThe supreme giver of joy. It is also a musical raag and also means auspicious.
ShoolinThe one who wields the trident.
ShrikanthaAnother name of Lord Vishnu and Shiva – the one with the glorious neck.
SomeshwaraThe one who is the God of all Gods.
SukhadaThe person who bestows happiness onto everyone.
SupritaThe one who is adored and loved by everyone.
SwayambhuA person who is self-manifested.
TejaswiniDifferent illustrations of Lord Shiva or someone who is bright.
TrilokpatiThe one who is regarded as the master of the three worlds.
TripurariThe enemy of Tripur Asuras (three city of demons).
TrishoolinThe Lord who wields the omnipotent trident in his hands.
UmapathiSomeone who is the consort of the Lord Uma.
UmapatiMeaning ‘consort of Uma’.
UttaranahThe person who rescues.
VaradMeans ‘granter of boons’, aag ka bhagavaan.
AashutoshContent, satisfied, joyous
AchyutNames Of Lord Shiva
AdinathBaby Boy Names By Lord Shiva
AdyahThe First
AmaresahThe King of the Gods
AkulNames Of Lord Shiva
AnaghaSinless, beautiful, perfect, pure
AnurajDevoted, brilliant
AugadhA person who reveals all the time
Ayyappanforever youthful
BhaiarvFormidable, one who removes fear
BaliStrong warrior, powerful
BhalanetraOne who has an eye on the forehead
HudevaLord of the Earth
BhavLord Shiva
BhutapalA protector of the ghosts
BhaveshLord of the world
BalavanPhysically and mentally strong
BhuvaneshLord of the World
ChandrapalMaster of the moon
ChakradharOne who bears the chakra
ChakrapaniName of Lord Vishnu
ChatreshLord Shiva
ChiranjeeviLong-lived, immortal
DaksheshLord of Daksha
DarpadHigh self-respect, one who walks the right path with high self-respect
Dashabahaveone with 10 arms
DeveshLord of the divines or Lord Shiva
DhanadeepLord of Wealth
DevadevaGod of Gods
DirghahNames Of Lord Shiva

Unique Lord Shiva Names For Baby

DurvasahCapable of residing in a difficult place like how Lord Shiva resided on Mount Kailash
EashanAnother name of Lord Shiva
GaurishNames Of Lord Shiva
GabastihRefulgent with rays
Gajahaslayer of the elephant
GajendraOne who can conquer the elephant
GanahRiti or Nandi
Ganakarahincluding others in his suit
Gananaathathe lord of the organized group
GanapatiSon of Lord Shiva, Lord of a well-organised group
GanapatihThe lord of Tattvas
GandalihDwelling on hills
GautamahOne who promulgates logic
GiricharahOne who walks over the mountains like Lord Shiva
GiriishaLord of Shiva
ShivanandNames Of Lord Shiva
GopalihThe protector of the senses
Harahthe destroyer of all
HarikesahOne whose rays are the sense
HavihThe offering
Iishaanahthe master, owner, or the supreme
IsanahThe ruler
JagatThe universe
Jivanahconferrer of life
KamahThe God Of Love
KartaThe actor
KaustavA Gem
NandishLord Shiva
NilayHeaven or home
NirbhayBaby Boy Names By Lord Shiva

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